• New Zealand leather

The New Zealand Luxury Group works alongside New Zealand’s leading natural grassland farmers to source only the very best raw materials for the production of your leather. All of our farmers adhere to a strict code of conduct regarding animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

Our leathers are semi-processed in New Zealand, before being dyed and finished by our specialist lamb and deer tannery in India. Your finished leather will be shipped to you directly from SAI Chamois Inc., our tannery partner in Chennai, India.

The Red Deer of New Zealand is a special breed that traces its origins to the Royal game parks of England.

Red Deer were gifted to New Zealand during colonisation, where they made their home in our pristine native forests. Inmore recent times the Red Deer has been domesticated by New Zealand’s natural grassland farmers.

New Zealand’s farmed Red Deer nappa is renowned by the world’s luxury fashion houses for its incredible light weight and soft spongy feel. The careful stewardship of our farmers ensures the highest standard of animal welfare, and minimises faulting when compared to wild origin deer.

MAZERVO ™ Farmed Deer leather is prepared with a fine grain character and luxurious silky soft feel, well suited for a full range of leather goods; garments, gloves, shoes and bags.

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