• New Zealand leather

The New Zealand Luxury Group works alongside New Zealand’s leading natural grassland farmers to source only the very best raw materials for the production of your leather. All of our farmers adhere to a strict code of conduct regarding animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

Our leathers are semi-processed in New Zealand, before being dyed and finished by our specialist lamb and deer tannery in India. Your finished leather will be shipped to you directly from SAI Chamois Inc., our tannery partner in Chennai, India.

NAKED SHEEP ™ Eco Lamb represents the spirit of New Zealand’s natural farms. Our farmers work hand-in-hand with nature to ensure luxurious leather, while sustaining an environmental legacy to be passed on to generations to come.


NAKED SHEEP ™ is produced with a tannage developed with a combination of natural oils and cashew extracts. Purposefully created with neutral pH, this leather is perfect for unlined next-to-skin uses and those with sensitive skin.

NAKED SHEEP ™ is perfectly suited for use in ‘naked’ form in a range of natural earthy colours based on plant extracts. For brighter colours we offer your choice of top-dye (for dyefree contact with skin) or through-dye. We also offer a special range of metal-free dyes on request.


Our lining grade of NAKED SHEEP ™ is ideal as nappa or suede for non-allergenic linings.

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