VIZELLO Silken Baby Calf hide - Black and White

VIZELLO Silken Baby Calf ® - B Grade for leathergoods


Don't settle for dry scratchy cow hide until you have experienced the luxurious feel of VIZELLO ® silken baby calf.


Introducing our natural VIZELLO ® silken baby calf hide, 2018 Collection. Each piece is designed by nature, and hand-crafted by our artisans.


The leathergoods B grade of VIZELLO ® calf hides have small holes or patches of missing hair; perfect for making into shoes, bags and other leathergoods.


    Only the very best hides meet the VIZELLO® grade, and are selected for finishing in our workshop, or as we like to call it, our 'salon'.


    The leathergoods B grade of VIZELLO® calf hides have small holes or patches of missing hair.


    Like wine, each season's produce is slightly different depending on climate and weather conditions. We review and adjust our tanning process each season to respect the changes in nature, before releasing our annual collection.

    Our team of expert craftsmen iron, condition, and comb the calf hair, all by hand, to produce a silky soft finish. Finally the hides are trimmed and styled, ready for making into shoes, bags and other leathergoods.
    We offer your choice of colouring; black and white, brown and white, ginger, and dyed solid black.
    Each piece is natural so expect every hide to be a little different in colour and size (approximately 7-9sf and 100cm x 80cm).


    All hides are produced in Christchurch New Zealand.


    Cleaning Instructions:


    1. Shake out your the hide to remove loose dirt and dust.


    2. Gently brush your hide in the direction of the hair to remove more difficult dirt and dust.


    3. Clean stains with a professional carpet cleaner, and allow to air dry.


    The New Zealand Luxury Group works with farmers and processors to offer a special collection of unique leathers for fashion and home decor.


    We have been producing our calf hide rugs for 5 years now and are proud to say we have had zero returns. Each rug is brushed and conditioned by hand so we find any issues and reject those hides. 


    Our B Grade hides have been downgraded because they have holes and/or patches of hair missing. These hides are graded especially for cutting into panels, and priced accordingly.


    Please remember that each calf hide is natural so colours will vary. We will send you your preferred colour but please do not expect them to match the photos exactly!


    We also have a number of rugs from each season on our own floors, so we can personally vouch for their durability!


    Our reputation is our greatest asset. If for whatever reason you have a problem then please let us know and we will be sure to find a solution that leaves you satisfied. 


    We gladly ship worldwide with the friendly folks at FedEx. Our local FedEx office is fantastic but we can ship with other companies on request.


    We have priced our shipping based on just a few pieces. For larger orders please contact us directly and we will arrange the most cost effective option for you. 


    It is the responsibility of the customer to pay any taxes due on arrival in your country. For small shipments the value is generally less than the threshold which triggers the collection of VAT/GST.


    The calf hides are considered a leather/textile so do not present any problems with customs.