VIZELLO Silken Baby Calf ® - Black and White, hint of Chocolate

VIZELLO Silken Baby Calf ® - Black and White, hint of Chocolate

GST Included

New Zealand Calf Hide


Price: per hide, including GST.


Colour: Black and White, with a hint of Chocolate (untrimmed).


Size: Approximately 80 x 65cm give or take.


Thickness: Some parts of the hide are thicker, particulary around the neck.


Leather is a natural product so biographical imperfections should be expected.


VIZELLO ® silken baby calf hides are suitable for all applications including leather accessories, home decor, garments and craftwork. Each piece is designed by nature, and hand-crafted by our artisans in New Zealand.


It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the purchased calf hide is right for the job. The photographic reproduction of colours is as accurate as possible.

  • Product Info:

    Farmed and tanned in New Zealand.

    Each calf hide is photographed indivdually.

    Calf hides are a natural product so some biographical imperfections should be expected, such as small holes, marks or hairless patches. 

    Every hide is a little different in shape, colour and size (approximately 80 x 65cm). 

  • Calf Hide Care:


    Cleaning Instructions:

    1. Shake out your calf hide to remove loose dirt and dust. 

    2. Gently brush your calf hide in the direction of the hair to remove more difficult dirt and dust.

    3. Clean stains with a professional carpet cleaner, and allow to air dry.


  • Refunds and Exchanges:

    Please note the following conditions apply:

    • Please choose carefully as we are not able to exchange or refund if you change your mind.
    • If the item is faulty we will replace or refund (including shipping) as per the Consumer Guarantees Act.
    • If you notice a problem, you must notify  within 7 days from the date of purchase if based in New Zealand, or 14 days if based abroad.
    • Items being returned must be sent back to us via a track-and-trace method. The New Zealand Luxury Group Limited will take no responsibility for items lost in the returning process.
    • All returned leather must be in the original condition, un-used, no cuts and with all tags/packaging in place. You will also need to provide us with your receipt.

    Steps when returning items (if faulty):

    • Email to notify us that you are returning an item. Please provide us with your order number as a reference. We will advise information for shipping returns.
    • After we receive and accept the returned item we will discuss options for replacement or refund via email.