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Merino Leather - Lavender

Merino Leather - Lavender

GST Included

New Zealand Merino Leather


Price: per skin, including GST.


Colour: Lavender


Finish: Shine


Size: Approximately 7 sqft per skin 24" x 35"


Thickness: Approximately 1-2mm. Some Merino skins are very ribby in texture so this gives a variable thickness. Traditionally Merino sheep have been bred this way to have more surface area (to grow more wool).


Applications: Suitable for all applications including leather accessories, garments, craftwork, jewellery, millinery and footwear.


Grading: Leather is a natural product so biographical imperfections should be expected.


A Grade Skins: Generally good skins but may have some small imperfections and occasionally small holes.


B Grade Skins: Can be mis-shaped, slightly smaller, and with a few more marks and holes.

A more economical option if you intend to cut smaller panels.


It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure the skin is right for the job. The photographic reproduction of colours is as accurate as possible.


Merino is an exclusive breed that traces its origins to the early Monarchs of Spain. Captain James Cook introduced Merino to New Zealand and they have thrived here ever since, producing the world's finest woollen fleece. Few people know that under the world's finest fleece hides such a uniquely luxurious leather!

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