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NAKED New Zealand leather chrome-free
NAKED New Zealand leather chrome-free

We have nothing to hide.


NAKED New Zealand leather chrome-free

Our NAKED ™ tanning process takes inspiration from a special leather tanning method that was first recorded in history over 300 years ago.


By replacing modern synthetic chemicals with refined natural fish oil and natural tannins, we create premium biodegradable leathers in harmony with nature.

Even our tannery trimmings are returned to our farms as fertiliser. 

Leather so natural it is NAKED. 

We only use fish oil that is a by-product from Sardines,

a plentiful natural resource that is sustainably harvested for food.

The benefits of NAKED ™

100% Biodegradable

Neutral pH for next-to-skin uses

Non-allergenic for sensitive skin applications

No harmful chemicals, protecting your technicians and customers

Anti viral to inhibit the spread of germs

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