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NAKED New Zealand leather chrome-free
NAKED New Zealand leather chrome-free
NAKED New Zealand leather chrome-free

We are 100% farmer owned,

working exclusively with materials that are 

by-products of New Zealand's natural farms.

We have nothing to hide.



The world is cluttered with synthetic textiles; 

man's failed attempts at replicating nature. 


Nature is the only producer of leather, no question.

And in our remote, unspoilt corner of the world we enjoy some of nature’s best growing conditions.

Our climate is gentle, with clear blue skies and plentiful fresh rains that nourish young, fertile soils.

Our wide open spaces are brimming with lush, green grasses that animals roam through and graze on, freely and happily.

As farmers we work with these natural gifts to produce the one thing you can only get from New Zealand.

That’s the exclusivity of pure nature.

Pure Nature
New Zealand Trace your leather


As a minimum standard all leather is traceable back to its origin abattoir in New Zealand and those supplying farms.


On request we can trace back to individual farms - giving you peace of mind, and empowering your marketing team.

Talk to us about designing a traceability program that is right for you.

Trace your New Zealand leather
Trace Your Leather
New Zealand Leather biodegradable


Each of our farmers is monitored to ensure that every animal is provided with the globally recognised

In addition we are working alongside the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme (NZFAP)

so you can rest assured our animals live a happy, healthy life.

Click below to download your own copy of our farmer manual. 

NZFAP book.png.jpg
New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme
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