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Merino Leather - Desert Taupe

Merino Leather - Desert Taupe

GST Included

New Zealand Merino Leather


Price: per skin, including GST.


Colour: Desert Taupe


Finish: Matte


Size: Approximately 7 sqft per skin 24" x 35"


Thickness: Approximately 1-2mm. Some Merino skins are very ribby in texture so this gives a variable thickness. Traditionally Merino sheep have been bred this way to have more surface area (to grow more wool).


Applications: Suitable for all applications including leather accessories, garments, craftwork, jewellery, millinery and footwear.


Grading: Leather is a natural product so biographical imperfections should be expected.


A Grade Skins: Generally good skins but may have some small imperfections and occasionally small holes.


B Grade Skins: Can be mis-shaped, slightly smaller, and with a few more marks and holes.

A more economical option if you intend to cut smaller panels.


It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure the skin is right for the job. The photographic reproduction of colours is as accurate as possible.


Merino is an exclusive breed that traces its origins to the early Monarchs of Spain. Captain James Cook introduced Merino to New Zealand and they have thrived here ever since, producing the world's finest woollen fleece. Few people know that under the world's finest fleece hides such a uniquely luxurious leather!

  • Leather Care:

    Leather is a natural material that will age and evolve as it is exposed to wear, sun light, temperature and moisture. If treated with care, leather will continue to provide you with enjoyment for many years.

    Leather requires regular moisturising using a conditioner to keep the skin supple, and regular protection using a waterproofing spray. When using a leather protector, conditioner, or waterproofing treatment we suggest you always test a small patch first.

    Please note: The New Zealand Luxury Group Limited cannot be held liable for any damage you may cause to your Merino leather.

  • Refunds and Exchanges:

    Please note the following conditions apply:

    • Please choose carefully as we are not able to exchange or refund if you change your mind.
    • If the item is faulty we will replace or refund (including shipping) as per the Consumer Guarantees Act.
    • If you notice a problem, you must notify  within 7 days from the date of purchase if based in New Zealand, or 14 days if based abroad.
    • Items being returned must be sent back to us via a track-and-trace method. The New Zealand Luxury Group Limited will take no responsibility for items lost in the returning process.
    • All returned leather must be in the original condition, un-used, no cuts and with all tags/packaging in place. You will also need to provide us with your receipt.

    Steps when returning items (if faulty):

    • Email to notify us that you are returning an item. Please provide us with your order number as a reference. We will advise information for shipping returns.
    • After we receive and accept the returned item we will discuss options for replacement or refund via email.
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