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VIZELLO calf hide rug
VIZELLO calf hide rug

Introducing our natural VIZELLO ® silken baby calf rugs. Each piece is designed by nature, and hand-crafted by our artisans.

Only the very best hides meet the VIZELLO® grade, and are selected for finishing in our workshop, or as we like to call it, our 'salon'.

Our team of expert craftsmen iron, condition, and comb the calf hair, all by hand, to produce a silky soft finish. Finally the rugs are trimmed and styled, ready for you home. 

VIZELLO Silken Baby Calf rugs
VIZELLO Silken Baby Calf rug in colour ginger
VIZELLO Silken Baby Calf rug in colour black and white

We offer your choice of black and white, brown and white, natural colours, and have the capability to custom dye on request.


Each piece is natural so expect every hide to be a little different in colour and size (approximately 7-9sf and 100cm x 80cm).

Our calf hides are available in two selections:


RUG SELECTION - ready for the home.


ACCESSORY SELECTION - pieces suitable for cutting into furniture, accessories, and shoes.


We are also able to offer a limited quantity of large cow hide rugs.


To talk to us to find out more.


VIZELLO Silken Baby Calf rug in colour black and white
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